In 2010 I set up EndoftheLine with my partner Matilda.  We are a mural production company and cultural agency working with Clients and institutions to bring colourful and creative murals and underground art events to life,  inspire positivity and encourage creativity. 


We believe in transforming the world around us with powerful and colourful murals, painting the streets with art that empowers people and street culture.  We have painted murals internationally and locally in cities across the globe.  Commercially we have worked for international brands, curating and commissioning murals and artwork for multi city campaigns.


Our Art guardianship scheme has provided property owners in the United Kingdom with a creative and low cost solution to bringing life to vacant properties.  By occupying commercial spaces and building viable art galleries and art installations we are able to minimise landlords council tax costs while bringing life and colour to empty and disused spaces. 


We work with local businesses, Councils, and Landlords to curate public art projects to support the culture and change the urban environment for the positive with affirmative action. We are proud of our professional portfolio, join us, you will be in good company.  


If you would like to book a graffiti artist it is as simple as sending me a message in the contact below.  We make it easy to hire an artist to suit your needs with connections to our global network of talented mural artists.





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