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Jim Vision is a visionary artist, a Post Modern Vandal and painter of large-scale murals and graffiti.  His personal drive has challenged the zero tolerance policies of local councils and progressed the Graffiti culture and Street Art industry of East London.


A leading protagonist of London's contemporary street art culture, Jim’s talent has taken him all across the globe, from Buenos Aires to Tahiti, Miami to Mexico. Some highlights include invitations to paint at the Ono'u festival in Tahiti, Banksy’s Cans2 festival in Leake Street tunnel Waterloo, MuTATE Britain, Westbank gallery’s Gonzo Exhibition, and a major EndoftheLine retrospective at LondonNewcastle in Shoreditch .


Jim’s subject matter often features thought-provoking issues, both environmental and political, intertwined with fantastical often apocalyptic visions of the past, present and future.  The prophetic nature of his work challenges cultural expectations and predicts an uneasy future. 















When he is not painting in the streets, pursuing independent art community projects, and curating exhibitions, he is the art director of Endoftheline producing art commissions for a variety of clients like Netflix and Marvel. 


Based in London, he grew up in Barry, Wales. His creative journey brought him to Bow and Shoreditch, East London in the early 2000’s where the independent galleries, squat raves, and a glut of empty and derelict buildings paved the way for an underground art movement to grow.


Happiest painting in the street leaving a trail of colourful graffiti across the world, Jim has consistently pushed the frontier of large-scale murals in the UK. His local stomping ground is proof of his endeavour with artworks notable for their eye-catching, distinctive style adorning unexpected spots, from street corners to rooftops.


Jim and his partner Matilda have created EndoftheLine, a community driven organisation dedicated to an on-going public art mission in London to bring colour to the streets and promote street and graffiti art on a engaging public platform. They have been instrumental in securing new legal wall space for artists and hosting mural festivals like 'The International Meeting of Styles' in London for the last decade. Their projects work with councils and landlords to unlock wall space to encourage artistic expression and inspire cultural pride in local communities.

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