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MURAL production


EndoftheLine are a mural production company working with Clients and Agencies to bring to life colourful and creative murals that inspires positivity and encourages engagement with the creation.  We have been lucky enough to work with clients we believe in and have been given the freedom to shape the creative to fit in with the Street Art culture.  Its Authenticity lends the discussion powerful energy and creative capital.


EndoftheLine has produced artwork for international Brands and painted walls locally in cities across the UK.  We make it easy to hire an artist to suit your needs with connections to our global network of talented mural artists.  We are professional and driven by creativity.  You won't find us advertising Banks or reheat in the microwave kebabs.  It is more important to us to respect the culture and people who have made Street culture such a powerful force for positivity.

If you scroll below you will see examples of our professional portfolio, producing work for Brands :- Disney, Marvel, Playstation, Warner BrosDC, Netflix and Paramount.  We are proud of our professional portfolio, join us, you will be in good company.

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the wasp



Copy of NME-Wonder_Woman.jpg




metal gear rising










playstation 4 video game launch for Marvel entertainment in birmingham


In 2018 EndoftheLine were given an incredible opportunity to promote the new Spiderman game releasing on PS4.  We found the biggest outdoor advertising wall at the Birmingham 'Custard Factory' and created a legendary mural that still exists, a fantastic return on investment that still features in peoples Instagram posts to this day. 


We worked directly with the client to create this truly stunning mural.  Using the brands creative assets we created a new design that would span the entirety of the wall with a feature wall at one end with the Logo as big as possible.

Ant-man and the wasp

marvel / disney - movie launch - interactive wings installation and mural

antman and wasp

Marvel Studios & Disney gave us the heads up that they wanted us to create a huge piece of art to celebrate their new film 'Antman and The Wasp'

 and celebrate it’s tiny superheroes, featuring the ‘Wasp’ wings in the centre so that people could really feel a part of the mural.

The mural took Jim 4.5 days to paint and was located in the East End of London in a street off Brick Lane, on Hanbury street. 

Due to the epic scale of the wall and street side appeal it felt as if you were a miniature hero just like Ant-man and the Wasp in the film.

wonder woman

warner brothers/dc  movie launch with a nme cover wrap and mural

wonder woman

"To commemorate NME‘s partnership with Wonder Woman, this year’s coolest superhero movie, street culture specialists Urban Species and renowned international graffiti artist Jim Vision were commissioned to create an awesome mural in her honour.

Jim took a blank wall in London and transformed it into a spectacular piece of street art that captures the four pillars of the DC character’s strength: power, grace, wisdom and wonder. It’s this graffiti masterpiece that you’ll see on this week’s NME cover."


Excerpt from NME

by Nick Levine


netflix show launch - six city mural campaign and short teaser video


umbrella academy

Netflix approached EndoftheLine to create a buzz around the launch of 'The Umbrella Academy' in the UK, bringing impact and attitude to a campaign reaching across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

The show originated as a comic book series by American writers Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Bá and revolves around a dysfunctional family of adopted superhero siblings. 

The graphical comic concept art was developed by creative agency Anyways ​​to help launch Netflix’s latest show in a localised way.  EndoftheLine enabled an on-site creative addition through featuring the characters originally drawn by Gabriel Bá to get people watching and talking about the new series.

EndoftheLine spread the message spread far, wide and huge in six cities across the UK