Jim Vision Lockdown Paintings

Chrom.Art Gallery, Kingsland Road, Dalston, 2020.

Exhibition featuring new works by Jim Vision, completed in Corona Lockdown.

2020 has been a strange year, we have been gifted time, time to be creative, time to focus on what inspires us. With no possibility of painting murals and travelling I looked into my imagination to distract me from the crazy scenes across the globe.

Ysoki, 2020

51cm x 76cm

Oil on wood board

The standout piece from this period of creativity is this colourful canvas featuring signature flourishes and techniques.

Imagination is a refuge for the soul. People from my generation grew up with ever present Boredom, there were no smart phones, no Netflix. We found outlets for our expression. exploring the great outdoors. Painting and Drawing are an excellent skill to master when there is nothing else to do. These paintings are born of Boredom and gave me purpose while the world did a Pandemic.

Experiments in Oil

I used my time to teach myself new techniques and skills. Learning how to paint Portraits in Oil paint and paintbrushes. I have been getting inspired by acrylic pour paintings. They make great textures for backgrounds of my portraits.

Shirley Manson, 2020

For many, the Pandemic has brought people closer to their friends and families. For others, it has slowed them down and got them to reevaluate their lives and careers. Some picked up healthy habits, while others gave in to unhealthy ones.

In the end, it has brought many things inside of us to the surface. It has left many of us exposed to a layer of truth about ourselves and society that we were unaware of before. We have to decide what world we want to live in.

Rise of the Black Queen

The death of George Floyd in America has inspired thousands of people in Britain to demand justice, marching through the streets of our biggest cities. Black Lives Matter protesters here insist that the UK "is not innocent". But some commentators have questioned whether racism exists in Britain, and to what extent.

I wanted to shine a light on the strength and perseverance of the young black females and the struggles they face in modern day America. This canvas is a reproduction of a mural I originally created in Miami, in 'Allapattah', a name derived from Seminole Indian language meaning Alligator. A working class Dominican Republic neighbourhood, nicknamed Little Santo Domingo, to honour the sizable local population.

We collaborated with 'Esquina De Abuella' to create this gigantic mural next to many other artists. We had a fantastic time meeting new people and seeing the positivity being created by Fabian in Miami.

You can buy copies of the print in my Shop at three different sizes.

This was a pretty epic way to spend a day, painting this old Brussels Airlines A320 in South Wales. The sun came out and conditions were perfect. Thanks to the Plane Reclaimers - video coming soon.

Bill Clinton Boulevard, Pristina, Kosovo

Jim Vision, Meeting of Styles, Pristina, Kosovo, 2019

As soon as the Covid Pandemic hit the UK our hopes of travelling and painting were destroyed. Mural festivals were shut down worldwide and our plans were cancelled. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the Meeting Of Styles in Pristina, Kosovo decided to carry on regardless. Myself, Thisone and the Madam herself decided to throw caution to the wind and bought some cheap flights on WizzAir.

“Of the 120 artists that were invited to paint at this years MOS Kosovo only 20 attended.”

We spent two weeks exploring hidden and abandoned concrete structures, eating the best local food and avoiding the curfew. The war in Kosovo twenty years ago has left abandoned buildings across the country including half finished hotels, roofless restaurants and swimming pools filled with who knows what?

Bill Clinton Boulevard

Jim Vision, This one, Madam - MeetingofStyles, Kosovo, 2020

#MeetingofStyles #Kosovo #Billclintonboulevard

We did not expect to find out that the other artists who were planning to paint on our wall were all delayed or cancelled. We had been given a huge motorway underpass to paint with six other artists. The three of us decided to go ahead and paint all of it anyway.

Check out the results of our efforts.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal and we can continue painting and travelling in the future.

Assorted artists, MOS Kosovo 2020