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You can now purchase NFT's of my murals, New Drops regularly of back catalogue and new Artworks from the streets. These Art Drops represent the ephemeral art that exists in the real world for a temporary period of time before eventually existing in the MetaVerse until the Internet ends after the collapse of capitalist civilisation.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Welcome to the world an intricate patterned NFT for your digital portfolio.

OpenSea NFT

This NFT collection is a graphic representation of the consensual hallucination of cyberspace, a mandala of egocentric spirals, synthetic rhythms coded in infinite spirals. This completely unique collection of undeniable chromatic anarchy opens up pathways to channel mystical circadian rhythms and distorts the nonspace between perception and sensation.

Clusters of code and constellations of concentric mandalas create a glamorous psychoactive art token. Hand-made megabytes manifest digital Voodoo in the minds of children and the imagination of military experiments drugged with electric Kool-Aid.

We always appreciate people sharing images of my paintings, lots of people work really hard to make these murals a possibility so thank you for your support. If you Tag me in Instagram I will see it and share it to my stories. cheers. Jim :)