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Hey everyone,

I'm excited to share with you all about a recent project that holds a special place in my heart: creating artwork for Paramount Pictures UK's release of the Bob Marley biopic, "One Love." It was an incredible opportunity to pay homage to the legendary musician and his lasting impact on the world.

When I was approached to create this artwork, I knew I wanted to capture the essence of Bob Marley's music and the spirit of his persona. For me, Marley's music embodies joy, freedom, and cultural resonance, and I wanted my artwork to reflect those qualities.

The focal point of the piece is the vibrant rasta colors, serving as a visual tribute to Marley's Jamaican roots and his profound influence on global culture. These colors pulse with energy, symbolizing the vibrancy and dynamism of Marley's music.

At the heart of the artwork, you'll find a majestic lion, a powerful symbol often associated with Marley and the Rastafarian movement. The lion represents strength, courage, and regality, mirroring Marley's fearless approach to life and his unwavering commitment to social justice and equality.

In addition to the lion, the artwork features a portrait of Kingsley Ben-Adir, the talented actor portraying Bob Marley in the biopic. Ben-Adir's portrayal captures the essence of Marley's spirit, his charisma, and his dedication to his craft. Through his depiction, we are reminded of the universal truths embedded in Marley's music.

But beyond the symbolism, my goal with this artwork was to convey a sense of joy and freedom. It's a celebration of life, resilience, and the transformative power of music. As you take in the piece, I hope you can feel the rhythm of Marley's songs and bask in the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

In a world often divided by discord, I believe art has the power to bridge gaps and foster understanding. Through this artwork, I aim to invite others to join in celebrating Marley's legacy, to dance to the rhythm of his music, and to embrace his message of love and unity.

I have recently completed a mural of the artwork at The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in East London. The artwork is visible until the 21st of February, 2024. You can also see a making of video filmed and edited by my longtime videographer TCShootme. Watch on Instagram here on facebook here

I'm hugely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the celebration of Bob Marley's life and music. His message of peace, love, and unity continues to inspire me, and I hope my artwork can help keep his spirit alive for generations to come.

In the words of Bob Marley himself, "One love, one heart, let's get together and feel alright."

Thanks for joining me on this journey,

Jim Vision

These three new Designs landing in the Shop represent a new design direction utilises new technology. These Laser engraved Skateboard Deck Art will look fantastic on your walls.

Brand new design created especially for all you skate heads. This deck design showcases a new original style in a super clean laser precision.

A Black Laquered Skatedeck from Big Aye skateboards becomes the canvas for this unique artwork from Jim Vision.

Limited to 10 pieces. New design options released in the next week.

Beginning a new season of Art this Autumn, we have prepared a selection of fantastic new Wood Block Canvas art pieces. Desirable pieces that will look fantastic on the wall.

Fox and the Crow, 2022

Jim Vision

42cm x 29.7cm x 2cm

The first piece for sale is this totally unique piece featuring my signature style of liquid lines Laser etched into Birch wood blocks.

Lacquered with a warm varnish this piece will always shine and bring some positivity to any corner of your home.


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