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Straat Museum, NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

In 2015 Jim was invited to take part in the Kings Spray event by the original Street Art Today curator Peter Ernst Coolen at the NDSM Werf in aid of KoningsDag / King's Day in the Netherlands.

Jim's spontaneous, explosive and colourful piece is now on show at the recently launched Straat Museum. See it on the site here.

"This abstract piece is a visual metaphor for the growing acceptance of graffiti and street art culture. It shows shock waves that radiate from the ‘graffiti mountain’ to break down conceptions of what art can be. “This piece is influenced by the energy and the positive vibes of Amsterdam’s Kings Spray Festival, which is the occasion when I painted it. It was a pleasure to see both young and old people interacting with it.” / Jim Vision

Seismic shift


Spray and latex paint on plywood"

Sadly Peter is no longer involved but the fruits of his efforts to collate a huge array of artworks from street and graffiti artists from all around the world are now on display in the museum’s collection which totals more than 240 pieces – including paintings, sculptures and installations.

Artists include Inkie, Martin Ron, Findac, Caratoes, Kevin Ledo, Astro, Mateus Bailon, and Nomad Clan.

Whilst in Amsterdam Jim also painted a piece at the local Klimmur Central climbing centre.

Now the museum is officially open, although closed for Covid currently, we hope to visit Amsterdam again and get out to see all the diverse artwork on display.

Straat Museum, NDSM-Plein, 1033 WC Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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