On Plane Air

On Plane Air present the “ Mile High Mural Project”

A new art & aviation concept from EndoftheLine & Plane Reclaimers

This summer on an airstrip in South Wales an aircraft due for demolition received an unconventional facelift from leading Welsh graffiti artist Jim Vision.

‘On Plane Air’ is a creative partnership between EndoftheLine Productions and Plane Reclaimers seeking to give commercial jets a splash of colour before they are dismantled for spare parts and scrapped uniting art and aviation.

This visionary concept is a reaction to the worldwide pandemic by creating monumental murals as part of the ‘Mile High Mural Project’ to resurrect the spirit of these airplanes and challenge the stereotypical idea of what a canvas might be.

While dodging high wind conditions hitting the Vale of Glamorgan coastline Jim Vision completed one of his tallest works painting the tail fin and fuselage of a Boeing 777 aircraft. Over four days Jim braved the weather to execute this extreme feat on a 300 tonne canvas. Working from a cherry picker at full extension to reach the tail, even a gentle breeze caused the 60ft platform to sway. With a 15 year career painting large-scale murals Jim had to stand on tiptoe to reach the top corner of the tail but remember not to step back to admire his work.

Pilots have always decorated their planes with animals, mascots and pinup girls to bring them good luck. The new handpainted livery adorning the vertical tail fin of this Boeing 777 is a depiction of a female Celtic spirit warrior, a personification of natural phenomena and a tribute to the 50 million miles this airliner has covered in her lifetime.

Many commercial planes are facing early retirement as the global Covid 19 pandemic continues to impact the aviation industry. Large Jetliners are facing the reality of an industry in crisis, global passenger numbers are decreasing as regulations restrict the free movement of people and newer fuel efficient models are brought in to replace the more polluting models of the past.

Plane Reclaimers plan to keep the newly painted tail section on site.

As part of this project Plane Reclaimers also provided Jim with ten window sections to custom paint for a special auction launching tomorrow.

"We were so excited to welcome Jim Vision back to St Athan for the second time. Jim took on the incredible challenge of painting a giant Boeing 777-200 tail, at an impressive height of over 60 feet! The Plane Reclaimers team thoroughly loved watching Jim’s vibrant vision come to life. During his visit, Jim added his artistic touch to 10 Boeing 747 window cuts. These beautifully painted custom pieces will be going up for auction on our website on the 1st of September: " - Kirsty Gauder, Marketing & Media, Plane Reclaimers.

Artist Applications for future ‘Mile High Mural Projects’ will be open soon online

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